ADI Electronics

ADI Electronics ADI Electronics is an industry leader with over 14 years of success as a D-Subminiature manufacturer and engineering development partner, holding significant expertise in the Aerospace and Defense Industry.

Advanced Microlights

With more than 40 years of knowledge in the lamp industry, Advanced Micro Lites strides to provide customers with quality products and timely deliveries. Product offerings include LED, incandescent, and customized lamps.


Aiconics is a leading, low-cost source for electrical connector contact assembly and maintenance tools, connector grommet sealing plugs, and electrical pin and socket contacts.

Allied Controls

For well over 50 years, Allied Controls has focused its attention exclusively on engineering and manufacturing the finest, most reliable, and most cost-competitive relays, timers, switches and related equipment.

Alpha Wire

Alpha Wire engineers and manufactures wire and cables that excel in taming tough applications. From the harsh environment of a factory floor, to critical controls on an offshore oil rig, cables from Alpha Wire are working reliably day-in and day-out

American Micro Products

Since 1957, American Micro Products, Inc. has been a well respected leader in the field of precision machined components. Global expertise and capabilities in micro and high precision manufacturing have allowed American Micro to uniquely serve a variety of high-technology markets including: aerospace, diesel/off-road vehicles, fluid power, medical/dental devices and more.

Amphenol Industrial

Manufacturing connectors since 1932, Amphenol Industrial takes pride as one of the undisputed leaders in interconnect systems for harsh environment applications. Amphenol Industrial's product lines consist of circular, rectangular, standard miniature, fiber optic, EMI/EMP filter, and a variety of special application connectors

Amphenol Nexus

Amphenol Nexus offers a full line of push button switches, audio connectors, plug's and jacks, and other specialized miniature connectors and provides customers with additional options for a wide array of applications. Electro Enterprises is now stocking Amphenol Nexus's standard mil-spec line up of M55116, M9177, and MS25089, along with many other new connector offerings from Amphenol Nexus.

Amphenol PCD

Amphenol Pcd is a world market leader in avionic relay sockets and junction modules and the leading US manufacturer of pluggable terminal blocks and interface modules for industrial applications.

Amphenol RF

Amphenol is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and supply of RF interconnect systems for the automotive, broadband, instrumentation, internet, military/aerospace and wireless infrastructure markets.


Aptiv (Formerly Delphi Connection Systems) is the leading manufacture of mil-spec and custom products which are widely used in aerospace, industrial, broadcast, and naval applications just to name a few. This line of harsh environment, specialized, and fiber optic connectors compliments our robust portfolio of interconnect products. Electro Enterprises is a franchised stocking and value-added assembler of the most common mil-spec items used in todays applications.


Arvan, Inc. is a leading manufacture of Electrical Connectors, Pulleys, Lugs and Custom Molding for the Worldwide Aerospace, Automotive, Military, Nautical and Transportation Industries.

Avery Dennison

For over 25 years, the Avery Dennison Fastener Division has developed innovative products and problem-specific fastening solutions. Avery Dennison's unique stretching process produces premium-quality, superior-performance cable ties for a wide range of applications.

Breyden Products, Inc.

Breyden Products, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of military-specification lacing tapes, twines and cords as well as a broad range of sleevings and braiding yarns. Breyden's product range allows them to serve the electric motor, transformer, aerospace, wire harnessing and cable manufacturing industries.


Caplugs is the leading manufacturer of plastic product protection. Caplugs' line of protective closures are used in a wide range of industries, including aerospace and defense, to keep items protected during shipment and storage.

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies

Carlisle Interconnect Technologies is one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high performance wire and cable including optical fiber. We are also experts in the design and production of harsh environment interconnect products such as contacts, connectors, cable assemblies, installation kits, ARINC trays, racks and shelf assemblies.

Cinch Connectivity Solutions

Cinch Connectivity Solutions, a bel Group, is multi-national manufacturer and supplier of a broad range of high-quality electrical interconnect and cable products.


Compaero is a manufacturer of adapters, protective covers, cable clamps and other connector accessories used primarily in the Aerospace & Defense Industry.

Concord Electronics

Concord Electronics, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of high reliability, precision-machined interconnect components, hardware and test accessories. A majority of our parts are proudly Made in the USA and used in a wide variety of industries including: automotive, avionics, energy, industrial, instrumentation, marine, medical, military and telecommunications.

Cooper Bussman

Cooper Bussmann manufactures and markets a wide variety of fuses for the electrical, electronics and transportation industries, plus inductors, transformers for power quality in electronic applications and industrial and mobile wireless solutions.


Corsair Electrical Connectors is a manufacturing company specializing in military connectors, commercial aircraft connectors, and aerospace connectors. Product offerings include mil-spec circular connectors as well as aircraft external power receptacles.


Cristek is a woman owned small business specializing in M83513, M32139, and MOTS 83513 in different packages. Cristek also provides custom connectors for space applications, circular micro and circular nano connectors, EMI/EMP filter connectors, and digital connectors. They specialize in start to finish project builds, build-to-print customer assemblies, RF/Microwave custom connectors and assemblies, and complex digital cable assemblies.

Crouzet Aerospace

Crouzet has over 80 years of experience in electromechanical technologies and is a leading global manufacturer of automation control components focusing on the aerospace, industrial and transport markets worldwide.

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation

Daniels Manufacturing Corporation is the recognized leading manufacturer for the aircraft, aerospace, and high reliability electronics industries, with experience that spans six decades. DMC products include, but are not limited to: Manual, Battery Powered, Pneumatic, Electric, and Hydraulic Crimping Tools, Backshell & Accessory Torque Tools, Contact Insertion & Removal Tools, EMI/RFI Shielding Band Tools, Alphatron Wire Crimp Pull Testers. Fiber Optic Cleave Tools, Safe-T-Cable & Safe-T-Cable Tools, Wire Strip & Prep Tools, and Aircraft Maintenance Support Tool Kits.


Delphi Connection Systems is the leading manufacture of mil-spec and custom products which are widely used in aerospace, industrial, broadcast, and naval applications just to name a few. This line of harsh environment, specialized, and fiber optic connectors compliments our robust portfolio of interconnect products. Electro Enterprises is a franchised stocking and value-added assembler of the most common mil-spec items used in todays applications.

Deutsch ECD

Deutsch ECD designs and manufactures a variety of interconnection solutions for harsh environments and aims to be the supplier of choice in its chosen markets, including aerospace and defense. Product offerings include mil-spec circular connectors, junction modules, and contacts, among others


Draka Fileca, part of the Prysmian Group, has a rich heritage in delivering dedicated wires and cable for the aerospace industry. Founded in 1958, Draka has since become a world leader in the aerospace market.

DRI Relays

Since 1954, DRI Relays Inc. (DRI) has been a leader in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices and mating sockets, for applications that require high reliability and long life in harsh environments.

Electronic Hardware Corp.

Electronic Hardware Corporation is a leading manufacturer of mil-spec knobs, pointers, and dials. Product offerings include aerospace plastic knobs, aircraft plastic knobs, instrument knobs, military knobs, consumer plastic knobs, control plastic knobs and push-on plastic knobs, and custom plastic knobs, among others.

Federal Mogul

Federal-Mogul Corporation is an innovative and diversified global supplier of quality products, trusted brands and creative solutions to manufacturers and distributors within the automotive, , power generation, aerospace, marine, rail and industrial industries.


Gore's cables and cable assemblies maintain reliable electrical and mechanical integrity in demanding harsh environments. Gore’s cables are engineered with the latest materials science to meet rigorous electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements for the most challenging applications — civil and military aircraft, spaceflight, cleanroom, automation, or oil and gas exploration, just to name a few.

Guardian Electric

For more than 75 years, innovation and experience has distinguished Guardian Electric Manufacturing Co. as a leader in the world of technology. Their product line includes stepping relays, solenoids, switches, and control grip assemblies.

Harbour Industries

Since 1965, Harbour Industries has been manufacturing high temperature and high performance cable for the military, commercial, and industrial markets. Over the years, Harbour's reputation for quality, consistency, and a strong technical orientation has resulted in many new products and customers.


HellermannTyton is a leading, global manufacturer of systems and solutions which help world-class customers better manage and identify wire, cable, and components. Overall, HellermannTyton offers an integrated approach in the design, manufacturing, and delivery of its products which result in higher quality and lower costs for our customers.

Honeywell Sensing and Control

Honeywell S&C is a market leader in the aerospace and defense industry, offering the engineering expertise and value-added capabilities no other company offers. Specifically, the company offers more than 50,000 products ranging from snap action, limit, toggle and pressure switches to position, speed and airflow sensors.

HSI Sensing

Since 1968 HSI Sensing has been a leading global manufacture of reed switches and proximity sensors which meet tough military standards for installation on aircraft engines and controls.

ICO Rally

Since 1950, ICO Rally has been an industry leader as a manufacturer and supplier of heat shrinkable materials, wiring accessories & insulation products.

International Wire Group

International Wire Group, Inc. headquartered in Camden, New York is the largest bare copper wire and copper wire products manufacturer in the United States with expanding operations in Europe.

Loos & Co.

Loos and Company has over 50 years of experience in the wire and cable industry. Loos and Company has pioneered and thrived in the highly critical profession of cable and wire rope manufacturing for use in aerospace flight controls.

Mallory Sonalert

Mallory is a technology-driven manufacturer of high-performance audible alarm devices. The Sonalert brand of electronic audible devices is recognized around the world as the standard in audible alarms and other board-level audible devices such as transducers, indicators and sirens.


Nexans is a worldwide leader in the cable industry, offers an extensive range of cables and cabling systems. To meet the requirements of the military and aerospace industries, Nexans continually focuses on new materials, cable types, and configurations to improve overall system performance

NTE Electronics

Founded in 1979, NTE Electronics has grown to become the largest replacement semiconductor supplier in the industry. Their product line consists of over 4,700 NTE replacement semiconductors, as well as various relays, resistors, capacitors, switches, LED tubing, fuses, terminals & connectors, and more

Oshino Lamps

Since 1931, Oshino has been the lighting manufacturer, with a complete line of miniature, subminiature, sealed beam, halogen, neon and fluorescent tube lamps for aircraft instruments, direct & ambient lighting; interior/exterior. OEM approved, IPC listed with over 300 filament designs and fully staffed engineering & manufacturing.


Panduit is a world-class developer and provider of leading-edge solutions that help customers optimize the physical infrastructure through simplification, agility, and operational efficiency. From bundling and harnessing, termination and abrasion protection to routing and identification, Panduit solutions are designed to insure robust installation with lowest installed cost and maximum long-term reliability.


Positronic is a global manufacturer of high reliability electronic connectors and build-to-print cable assemblies for use in various applications related to military, space, commercial aerospace, medical, industrial, test, and rail among others.

R&B Electronics

Founded in 1985, R&B Electronics is a manufacturer that specializes in electro-mechanical assemblies such as electric grounding assemblies, connector accessories, diode assemblies, resistor assemblies, grounding jumpers, flexible bus bars, and terminal links used in the aerospace industry for both commercial and industrial use.

RMS Connectors

RMS has been in the connector industry for over 20 years and has continuously improved its manufacturing processes to offer the fastest delivery times - as quick as three weeks. Specifically, RMS manufacturers bayonet plug, bayonet receptacle, threaded plug and threaded receptacle connectors.

Rowe Industries

Rowe Industries is a leader in the high voltage silicone wire and silicone tape industry, providing a wide range of high quality products.


RSCC Aerospace & Defense is a prominent manufacturer of custom cable and wire for the aerospace, military ground, space and shipboard markets. RSCC brings unparalleled expertise to cable design and manufacturing which has earned them a reputation for producing cable solutions that meet or exceed the demands of mission critical military applications.


San-tron specializes in the design and manufacturing of RF and microwave, coaxial-connector and cable assemblies. In the process of improving performance and reducing costs, San-tron has successfully reinvented old standards from the inside out, helping customers reach increasingly higher frequencies.

Saylor Technical Products

Saylor Technical Products is a leading manufacturer of flexible, non-metallic, wire and hose protection (SLEEVING and LOOM) that serves a wide range of industries, including mil-aero and industrial.

Smiths Interconnect/Sabritec & Hypertac

For more than 30 years, Smiths Interconnect has specialized in the design and manufacturing of filter connectors, high speed Quadrax and Twinax for Fibre Channel, Ethernet & IEEE 1394 Firewire, fiber optic, coax, triax, high power and high density miniature circular connectors and contacts, cable assemblies, and hyperboloid contact technology.

Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton

Souriau-Sunbank by Eaton designs, manufactures and markets high performance - high reliability interconnect solutions for severe environments dedicated to the Aerospace, Defense / Space, Heavy Industry (Railway & Mass Transit, Nuclear, Oil & Gas) and Industrial Equipment markets.


Southwire a manufacturer of building wire and cable, utility cable products, industrial power cable, copper and aluminum rod, cord products, machining and fabrication.

Specialty Cable Corporation

SCC specializes in High Performance Custom Engineered cables. SCC supplies the aerospace industry with cables of major manufacturers of aircraft and systems producers. SCC is a leading manufacturer of high performance electrical wire and cable products. Our engineering expertise and our broad manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce cables to exacting specifications and applications.

Sumitomo Electric

Sumitomo Electric is a global manufacturer of products that include heatsink products, fiber optic products, flexible printed circuits, electronic wire products, power cables and accessories, high temperature superconductors, fiber optic distributed temperature sensing systems, and air springs, among others.


Sunbank is an industry leader in the design and manufacturing of connector accessories, cable accessories, and flexible conduit systems for both military and commercial applications.


Owner-operated Super-Temp Wire & Cable manufactures high performance wire and cable for aerospace and commercial electronic applications. Randy Miller and Peter Kenny formed Super-Temp in 1995 and their combined experience of more than 50 years in the wire and cable industry is extensive and innovative.

SV Microwave

With over 40 years of proven performance, SV Microwave is a leader in the RF microwave industry. SV Microwave designs and manufactures RF connectors, connector accessories, cable assemblies and passive components.

TE Connectivity

TE offers an innovative portfolio of products that span industries and applications—and connects the world. As a leader in materials science technology, TE provides advanced mechanical and environmental protection, insulation, sealing. TE builds the critical connections that make fiber deployment faster, capacity greater, installation simpler and network reliability better.


Thermax is a worldwide leader in the production of high performance power cables and innovative connectivity technology. Whether applications require standard products or enhancements like faster transmission speeds, resistance to extreme temperatures, or any combination of desired attributes, Thermax can provide customers with a proven solution.

Thomas and Betts

Thomas & Betts is a leading manufacturer of electrical, electronic, mechanical and utility products. Product offerings include cable ties and accessories, conduits and cable fittings, terminals, lugs, connectors, and heatshrink, among others.

Trompeter-Cinch Connectivity Solutions

The Trompeter line from Cinch Connectivity Solutions offers a best in class RF connectivity products. The Trompeter line of patch jacks, RF connectors, cable assemblies, HDTV digital technology and DS3 connectivity solutions is unrivalled.

Varflex Electrical Sleeving

Varflex has pioneered a number of major developments in sleeving design and production. Varflex manufactures electrical insulating sleevings that are suitable for high and low temperatures, high and low voltages, as well as for abrasive and other physically demanding applications and hostile environments.


Since being founded in 1968, Wamco has grown to become a world leader in advanced light sciences, NVIS materials, optical filters, and lighting solutions and components. The company proudly serves the military, defense, aerospace, and transportation industries

Winchester - Kings

Now a Winchester brand, Kings products continue to contribute to the advancement of broadcast connector technology. Industry-preferred products include K-Grip® crimp style connectors, 75 Ohm BNC and RCA connectors, video jacks and jackfields, and the one-of-a-kind Tri-Loc® triaxial camera connector series.