Hypertac Electrical Connectors

![Smiths Interconnect Hypertac hyperboloid blog image](//images.ctfassets.net/6x26vi01oeep/7mqulznn7GJpymtSlOfL0X/d535d2af899e5be583b08bd15531d184/Smiths_Interconnect_Hypertac_hyperboloid_contact_blog.png) # Smiths Interconnect Hypertac® Electrical Connectors Smiths Interconnect’s Hypertac® Electrical Connectors are a premium interconnect solution for electrical and electronic applications requiring optimized quality, performance, and reliability. Utilizing an original high-performance hyperboloid contact technology which ensures immunity to shock and vibration and minimal contact resistance, Hypertac® connectors are ideal for harsh environments and safety critical applications. ## Features & Benefits Hyperboloid Technology - Low insertion/ extraction forces - Long contact life – Hypertac® contacts perform up to 100,000 insertion/extraction cycles with no degradation in performance - Low cost of ownership - Does not need replacement during equipment life - Compliant with major international regulations Smiths Interconnect Hypertac® hyperboloid contacts equip a wide range of high-performance interconnect solutions, including PCB Connectors, Modular & Rectangular Connectors, Circular and High-Power Connectors. Contact a sales rep today for more information! ### [Click here to learn more](http://bit.ly/2setEcO) ### [Request a Quote](http://bit.ly/2YCwgwY)