Smiths Interconnect Rugged 2mm cPCI connectors

![Smiths Interconnect Rugged 2mm cPCI connectors](// # Smiths Interconnect 2mm/cPCI connectors Smiths Interconnect's rugged 2mm backplane cPCI connectors system utilizes the superior Hypertac hyperboloid contact technology and provides engineers with an advanced interconnect system to address the requirements of mission-critical applications within commercial aerospace, space, and defense market segments. ## Features & Benefits - Modular design for standard 3U/6U configurations - Immune to shock and vibration fretting - Available in NASA GSFC qualified versions - Reverse gender to commercial 2mm products - Keying feature for proper mating - EMI/RFI shielding Configured on a 2mm center-line with six rows, the 0.4 mm Hypertac contacts in the backplane provide a current rating of 1 A and data rate performance up to 3.125 Gbps with less than 8 mΩ contact resistance. Built in reverse gender configuration versus COTS hard metric connectors, the system is available with 95 and 110 way version. The solution is fully interchangeable with Compact PCI COTS (commercial off the shelf) systems, complies with IEC 1076-4-101, and it is the only cPCI connectors approved by NASA for spaceflight. Contact a sales rep today for more information! ### [Click here to learn more]( ### [Request a Quote](